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"A Night in Casablanca"

"Everybody comes to Rick's" and in 1941 soldiers from every country enjoyed an evening out!

Captain Louie Renault with "that beautiful blonde" Jessica Boscarello

Greg "Sidney Greenstreet" Greenwood and Kit Greenwood had the look of Casablanca.


The Zaragozas were thrilled with their first visit to Mr. Rick's

Anna Marie Firley, event producer Laurie Gordon, Alexandra Garner & Pamela Rousseau.  The girls came straight from a fairy feast performance, but could not miss Casablanca!

Jesse Newell, Joe Fazio from the Commemorative Historical Society and Theresa LaQuey getting frisky with a fez on.

Suave Peter DeKramer brought his son Kyle whose Zoot Suit wowed the girls!

Newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bulivac

The Martini Brothers meet The Mood Swing Orchestra and the results are Magic!

Glamour girl Robin Collins with Ron Zaragoza on the dance floor!

Sheryl Birkner with Michael demonstrating his world famous "Haimovitz Dip"

Ed Kersh and Abby Tolin dancing the night away at Rick's

Brother Dan Kennedy and his girl Cindy Pullano take a moment together.

Handsome Mark Jordon played a German soldier accompanied by Jesse Newell and Mark's beautiful cherry "38" and that ain't no pistol

Summer Makovkin drapes herself on the baby grand

Mr. Rick with The Bellevue Club's Alex Montenegro!

Theresa and Mr X in search of an exit visa.

Jesse on Jesse on the wild ride home. Joe Fazio looks on.


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