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"New Years Gala"

"What a way to start the evening!" Curt Garman and Richard Look, so stylish!

Mr. Rick toasts Curt Garman

Scoop the photographer says "Here's looking at you, Kid"

Mike Young, the leader of the Mood Swing Orchestra

Laurie Gordon, brunette, sandwiched between two bewitching blondes: 
Theresa LaQuay and Jessica Boscarello

Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. No! Wait, that's Slimm Buick and Jessica Boscarello

Roberto Isola and Jula

New Year's Revelers

Terry and Bob Creighton

Joanna Nevesny

Leah Vass in "that dress"

Kevin Walsh and friend

Marti and George Cagwin    

Pamela Forman cuts a rug with Lee Patterson

Gayle Delaney and "Terry Tango"

Paul Anders makes a little noise

Paula Forselles "the Lady in Red"

Judi and Glen Eastman gave Rick this racy hat

Sheryl Birkner meets a new Martini Club Member

Curt and Richard "What a way to end the evening". Still feeling stylish, 
they hired a chauffeur from AAA!

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