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Recent Event Pictures!

"Mysterious Mr. Rick's Martini Club"

Mr. Rick, welcoming the guests for tonight's Mystery

Alice Jurow looking like the mystery girl of the night.

Sheila cuts a rug.

Linda Wallace & Lenny Parker enjoying their night out!

Curt Garmen & Richard Look (who supplied most of these photos) sporting the "Thin Man" look.

Robin & Michael Cawelti (one of tonight's detectives) looking for clues!


The Boys of the Rankin Gang


Gail and Bernie doing the Balboa

Curt Garman and Mr. Rick hamming it up for the photo!

Serafina and our photographer "Scoop" having a few serious words about tonight's murder


Roberto Isola force feeding a martini to our recovering mystery man-Jon Lundberg


Looking suave!


Lorraine Giampaoli and Chris Metcalf

The Swing Session Band plays as the sun sets on Lake Merritt

Michael Haimovitz and Paula Forselles doing the famous Hamiovitz dip!

Mr. Rick interviewing Robin Cawalti one of tonight's suspects.

The winner Neil Nevesny accepts first prize for uncovering the mystery of the night and is given a copy of "Too Dead to Swing" from "mystery author" Hal Glatzer.


Looking a bit confused about tonight's mystery or is that just too many martinis?


Martini's and mystery the appetizer for tonight's event.

Mr. Rick looking a bit mysterious himself.


Slimm Buick collecting a little money a long the way, looks like he could have been the killer?

Ron Zaragoza, so mysteriously debonair!

The Swing Session Band playing throughout the night kept everyone dancing all night long.

The band was in their groove and dressed to the nines!

Pianist Scott Lawrence was looking sharp!


Vocalist Peter Walsh kept everyone cool as he fanned the audience.


His heartfelt rendition of 'Swing Man' had the crowd up in arms.


Serafina sets the tone with during the late part of the night


"Pops" Peter Walsh was looking out to the audience.

Michael Haimovitz getting ready to say a few words.

Mr. Rick saying goodnight to all the guests

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