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Recent Event Pictures!

"New Year's and 10th Year Anniversary Celebration"

Many thanks to Richard Look for supplying these terrific event photos!

Laurie welcomes the New Year revelers with horns, hats and streamers

Mr.Rick can't shake 'em! The dames, that is! That's Jessica and Autumn on his shoulders. The martinis he KNOWS how to shake!

Bernard keeps the drinks coming smooth and cool!

Curt Garman and Richard Look: that dapper duo who keep us loaded with

Kathleen and Russ. Isn't it romantic?

Theresa and Phil do the Fred and Ginger

Carrie and Kevin getting acquainted

Pals! Laurie had a great time with Rusty Frank visiting from L.A.

Gail, Joanna and a very handsome "man of the moment"

Alexandra, just in from Rome with another Italian beauty, Marilyn

Lynn Harrison was charmed to have Rusty on his arm!

Mr. Rick and his lovely new French assistant Lea Mendelovitz

Friends of Sheila, Darling!

Paula and Robin catch up after the whirlwind holiday season

Tony with friends who flew up from Southern Cal for this one

Michael and Darlene Nickel, true connoisseurs of a swell evening

Decobelles Valerie, Jessica and Kristen shake a tail feather

Swirling Satin Gowns by Theresa La Quey

Gorgeous Angie Major

Alexandra with her perfect match, Fabio, who flew in from Rome to meet the Martini Club crowd

Mood Swingin' it!

Band Leader Mike Young

Neil and Joanna Nevesny getting ready for the next big event: Art Deco
Preservation Ball March 30!

Mary and Jerry Laurita with friends at their first event!

John Lundberg has something to celebrate this year!

Curt catches the light from a deco lamp

Slimm relaxes in the Lake Merritt Hotel Lounge

John Hinds raises a toast to us all!

Hey! No pitchas please! Peter "scoops" in on Jessica

New Parents Dennisen and Jay Hartlove relish a
grown ups night out!

Neil takes a spin with Coral McGue

Sally and David always know how to have a grand time

Kristen and Laurie watch the Decobelles perform

Crystal and Adham enjoying their first Martini Club event

Sultry Camille WIlliams and her beau Peter

More glamorous friends of Sheila!

Kimberly and Jeff cuddle up. Those lovebirds!

Theresa and Marianne loved the event

Derek and friend stopped by and were "dazzled"

The Wells gang always has a great time!

Lynn Harrison gets a poster award. He's Rick's longest long-time friend and Martini Club member

"Scoop" the photographer adds such a great touch to all of our events.

Judi and Glenn Eastman and Rob Rowell got special recognition for
"bringing us to a new level of event work"

Laurie and RIck reflect on ten years of terrific events:thanks to all of


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