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"A Cruise to Old Havana"

Photos by Timothy Buchannan and RIchard Look

The Beautiful Decobelles as the "MirandaBelles" welcome you to the Martini Club
"A Night in Old Havana/Land of Romance"

Lets take this show on the road! Los Hermanos Martini (Dan Juan Kennedy, Senor Ricardo, Bob "Babalu" Dalpe) here with Senorita Buchanan livin' la vida

Kristen,Michelle and Sara. Que Bonita!

Our Cuban Pin up girl Jessica Buick on a Cruise to Havana

Laurie offers Curt a box of our finest Cuban Cigars...made of chocolate of course

"El Bernardo" made martinis as always, and an especial Cuban Cosmo he created

Angelo was a popular hombre,speaking Spanish, helping to greet the guests, here with one of our favorites Cornelius "the man" Ross

Maria and Derek looked ready to rhumba from the moment they walked in

Our "Sultry Latin Sweet Potato, Valerie Quevedo". What a talented muchacha!!!

Carmen Mir-ANN-da ! Ai ai ai! Ann Gibson was a hit!

Valerie and Sammy of Cha Cha Havanna. Dancing! Singing! Playing the Congas!!!

Elena Summers in the perfect chiquita dancing dress

Alison Hurwitz brought her Mambo Troupe "Synco Passion". Only later did we learn that she danced up a storm with a broken hand and never let on for a
moment! What an amazing professional dancer

The Miranda Belles give us "Mambo Caliente" choreographed by Jane Barnes. Sizzling!

The "Sonoma Socialite" Mary Vigna and Senor Del Barrio who charmed all the ladies

Now EVERYBODY conga! We had the conga line to end all conga lines...nearly 200 people dancing at once inside,outside, all around the terrace room!

Mila Salazar vamping it up, Latin style

Leah, Dan, Rick and Laurie ...all Havan-a good time!!

Richard Look and Curt Garman....Richard we love you for providing so many of the wonderful photos shown make us look so good!

Valerie and Sammy and those pulsating Latin Rhythms! And Valerie brought her father Armando Duvall,a well known Cuban drummer for a special guest

Hermanos Martini! Ay Caramba!!!

Marina Maniatas watching the dancers with delight

Michelle and Sara samba into view

Leah and Gyorgy caught up in the Latin Romance

Hotcha cha! Trish with Babalu Bob and El Capitan Ricardo mmmmmmmambo!!

Jessica! You're a greeted all the guests, and danced with them too!

Things are looking up for Mr. Rick!!!! Now that the Martini Brothers has added this Latin Repertoire to their bag of tricks,
we cant wait to do it again. The congas, the maracas, the sexy sounds of "Hollywood Cuban" music were fantastico!

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