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Mr. Rick mixes up some Perfect Martinis

Below are some past shots of the travels and Martini parties from the
members of Mr. Rick's Martini Club.

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Bernard, your Bartender and the Martiniettes shakin up some drinks


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On the left is Mr Rick with guests Rob, Glen and Judi.  On the right is Dancer Rusty Frank with Mr. Rick

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Walter Harper, Mr Sophisticated,  sips a cool one.


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It's a Tropical Martini Party with The Bree Boys and Mr. Rick,
"Make mine really cold says Wolf Bree"

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Mr. Rick and  Laurie Gordon bring in the New Year!

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Mr. Rick Mixes It Up (from In Sync, April 14, 1996)

By Lisa Wrenn

Mr. Rick, who in real life is Rick Fishman of Oakland, California, has been an antique and collectibles dealer for years, specializing in martini shakers.

He has hosted many parties  where the martini bar, was a tremendous hit. That was the genesis of Mr. Rick's Martini Club, a social club with 1,100 members. He is also one of the Martini Brothers - the other is Brother Dan - who front a band that plays music from the '30s and '40s at venues that range from the S.F. Symphony at Davies Hall to  hotels and  society balls

Q:    What's your favorite decade?   

Mr. Rick:     "1937 to 1947."

Q:    What's the best thing about that era?   

Mr. Rick:     "So many things that have to do with style. The fashion, the design, the ideas in architecture and furniture. And the way it was all integrated."

Q:    What's the best thing about the '90s?    

Mr. Rick:     "There's tremendous interest in nostalgia, and it bridges many generations."

Q:    What's the worst thing about the '90s?     

Mr. Rick:     "Some of the music."

Q:    What's the worst thing a person can do to a martini?    

Mr. Rick:     "Serve it warm."

Q:    Gin vs. vodka?    

Mr. Rick:     "It doesn't matter, and the quality's less important than how it's properly mixed."

Q:    Shaken vs. stirred?    

Mr. Rick:     "I don't believe in the myth!"

Q:    What's the best kind of glass?    

Mr. Rick:     "It's best in a small glass, so it doesn't get warm."

Q:    Who looks great drinking a martini?     

Mr. Rick:     "Women who are a little dressed up (though that's not necessary)."

Q:    Advice?    

Mr. Rick     "A person has to respect the drink, and the martini is a powerful drink. It shouldn't be taken lightly."


A Perfect Martini

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Mr. Rick has traveled around the world and tasted many martinis along the way. This is what he's learned.

    7 Steps to a Perfect Martini

  1. To mix, use a chrome shaker - that's what gets the drink really cold.

  2. Put some ice cubes and water in the shaker. The water gets the ice melting.

  3. Pour out the water.

  4. Add a little vermouth, then the gin or vodka. (The equation should be about 12 parts gin or vodka for 1 part vermouth.)

  5. Shake really hard for 15 seconds.

  6. Get out the chilled glasses. Add an olive or pearl onion, or lemon twist and don't scrimp on the quality.

  7. Pour the drink (without the ice cubes) into the chilled glass.


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Built by Megas Guitars

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    The Heads of 2 of Mr. Ricks custom built guitars.  



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