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Laurie Gordon and Richard Fishman are the creators and producers of all the events for the popular “Mr. Rick’s Martini Club”, which presents 1930’s-1940’s Swing Dance Supper Club events several times a year. The club was founded in 1990 and currently has over 600 members.

Since 1984 Laurie Gordon has created a series of popular annual events including: The Art Deco Preservation Ball, The Gatsby Summer Afternoon and dozens of period theme events for both The Art Deco Society of California and for corporate and fund raising clients. The most comprehensive was the 50th Anniversary of the World’s Fair on Treasure Island, which spanned 3 days and included a Gala Ball, Museum Show, Ferry Boat Rides, Vintage Car Parade, Fashion Shows and Memorabilia exhibit, plus non-stop movies, dancing, music, tours and entertainment for 4000 participants.

Laurie is the director of the Decobelles, a dance performance troupe specializing in dances of of the 1920s-1950s. She is also a photographer specializing in Theme Party Photography, in which instant photos are generated using teams of photographers, stylists, and abundant choices of costumes and props. The paparazzi greeting is a favorite theme. She is also the creator and manager of The Deco Belles, a performing troupe that does a variety of 1920’s-1940’s dance routines as well as acting as hostesses, greeters and characters at events, especially the annual Oscar Night Gala Aids Benefit for 3000.

“Mr. Rick” Fishman is the leader of The Martini Brothers Band, playing guitar and bringing a smooth and swinging sound from the 1940’s to life. He has recorded a C.D. and has current bookings at corporate parties, club dates and the S.F. Symphony summer series. He also books a variety of talent for events and has extensive background in decor and interior design. He maintains a tremendous library of books and magazines dedicated to the period of the 1920’s-1950’s and is a resource and authority on the fashion,music, entertainment, art and culture of that era. Rick is the owner of Art Deco, a furniture and accessory store specializing in antiques from the 1920s and 30s.



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